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Cordial Coffee


Cordial Coffee is run by husband-wife duo, Brandon and Kaitlyn in the small town of Berryville, Virginia. Their focus on quality coffee, crisp-from-Heaven-waffles, and specialty nitro cold brew has made them an exciting addition to the town, as well as the surrounding areas. Because who doesn't want coffee AND waffles? Brandon and Kaityln took a few minutes to answer eight questions about their business for us. Get to know them and set a date to visit! 


How did you two start Cordial Coffee?

Brandon: After making the decision to get back into the coffee industry full-time to continue my education, our grid filled up.  Money, location, and vision aligned simultaneously and there was no question that this was our opportunity to serve the community. 


You have the corner on the waffle market. What was your inspiration to introduce waffles to your business? 

Kaitlyn: The made-to-order menu style in a café is a relatively new thing. It was a last minute idea that worked great given our small kitchen space. We love it because it eliminates waste all while serving food that was made just to your liking. We make our batter fresh daily, and our customers are always surprised to hear they are gluten-free.


Where do you source your coffee?

Brandon: We currently have Direct-Trade relationships in Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, and Honduras. We also purchase from importers who have access to coffee in all coffee growing countries. We typically carry a variety of coffees such as Ethiopian, Kenyan, Tanzania, India, Guatemalan, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Brazil, and Colombia. 


What is your philosophy on community and supporting local shops? 

Brandon: It is the life blood of small town commerce and relationship building; a true necessity in the local circulation of money. 


What has been the greatest highlight, or highest achievement for your business thus far? 

Kaitlyn: Our work culture. Despite being open a mere 1.5 years and being in an industry where turnover is typically high, everyone on our team has been with us for over a year. Our crew knows we support their growth within our business and the coffee industry as a whole. 


What is the mission of Cordial Coffee?

Brandon: Our ultimate mission is to serve and positively impact both our community and the coffee industry. From day one, we’ve wanted to be a community hub where people’s dreams and plans can be carried out. So far we’ve been able to cultivate outstanding relationships. 


Where do you all see yourselves in five year's time? 

Brandon: We see us opening other locations as wholesome opportunities arise; a good regional presence both through retail and wholesale expansion. We currently work with some amazing wholesale clients, and distribution of our wholesale products is my main focus, while refining and expanding our retail division is largely Kaitlyn’s vision and long term goal. 


Last question! What are three things you can't live without? (Walks with the dog, local jam, a good Netflix show, etc.)

Brandon: I tend to thrive on these 3 things: A large black coffee within an hour of waking, business podcasts, and the love and adoration of my wife and children. 

Kaitlyn: Espresso, Hiking, and Books.


Interview by Emily Dean | Photography by Hilary Hyland