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Our new events calendar is underway and will release February, 2018!


~Past Events~

VV Movie Night & Discussion//Event No. 3


Vv Fireside//Event No. 2

Our Second Public Event:  The Vv Fireside Fundraiser.
This lovely event was one of the coziest, yummiest nights of November 2015.


Vv Desserts & Discussion//Event No.1

Our first public event proved more elegant and fulfilling than any of the team, our attendees, or long distance friends could have ever imagined.

With time to discuss important topics to our day day like, "What is living beautiful to you?" and time to sip coffee, eat delicious desserts, form new friendships we were all stunned, encouraged, and inspired to create more celebrations like this one. 

The entire evening was an absolute delight. Magic was in the air, as ladies gathered together to reflect and discuss the truth about beauty.

Women of all ages and from all walks of life – mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends – shared glimpses and dug deeper into the rawness and beauty of their stories.

And the delectable pastries and sweets were to die for.

Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Even more wonderful than all this was getting to hear Emily Dean's heart and passion for Verity Vareé's mission of revealing the truth about beauty through the stories of women everywhere.

I hope to attend many more Verity Vareé events in the future, as well as work hand-in-hand with the passion and joy of Vv. 

~Charity Klicka


Photos by LaRue Photography

Our events  exist to cultivate beauty,

to inspire authentic community,

to celebrate one another, and to invite women into this conversation

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