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Emailing About A Reveal?

(Include these few details to help us get to know you and book your Reveal as soon as possible! 

If you are not sure how to create a Pinterest board, or need help with styling just email us your name,

age, and location to get started!)

  1. Please include: Name, age, location
  2. Your Pinterest board with images of style, location, hair, and makeup ideas that inspire you
  3. The specific month you would like to do your Reveal
  4. The photographer you hope to work with. (Browse our photographers and their work!)
  5. How you heard about Vv!

Emailing About Life Coaching?

  1. Please include: Name, age, location 
  2. A couple sentences telling me why you’re interested in life coaching

Emailing About Speaking?

  1. Please include: Name, age, location
  2. Name of the event
  3. Date and time of the event 

We want to hear any questions, any ideas, anything, anything you would like to tell us! Our team strives to respond ASAP with details and answers to your questions. (Please be patient, as we receive many emails every day.) Your email should be answered within two weeks. Let's talk!