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The Magazine


Welcome Friends!

Our mission is to empower women to identify the beauty in themselves so they can seek it out in others. With Verity Vareé you get authentic stories from women just like you. 

We believe that women can powerfully influence one another by sharing their voices. We believe that beauty is not bound by color, shape, size, relationship, career, or accolades. And we believe that a community which seeks to love seeks also to lead. That is why we are sharing real stories from inspiring women in the pages of our magazine. 

 At Verity Vareé you will see the beauty in her and soon after see the beauty in you.


Verity Vareé Issue No. 1

A beautiful, full-color magazine featuring real stories from real women with articles on beauty, authentic living, and intentional celebration.


7 exclusive photoshoots from renowned photographers, 4 Reveals featuring 4 inspiring women, articles from passionate writers and makers.


Our Reveals highlight everyday women in both a natural and stylized photoshoot, along with an interview that tells their unique story.