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The Cost Of Comparison~Grit & Virtue Feature

Emily Dean

Sometimes I feel so simple. Here I am, this young mom, trying to make a crazy thing work. I vacillate between feeling brave and adventurous and feeling completely foolish. One moment I’m sailing the high seas of vision casting and entrepreneurship, the next I’m sinking into the deep abyss of failure and comparison.

Comparison. That word leaves no room for error, less room for improvement, and little room for logic. For instance, my day might completely change for good or bad based on a little thing such as an increased number of followers on social media or the lack of attention to my latest post. 

I remember the day I realized how silly that was when I reached for my phone, swiped to Instagram, and stopped. “Why do I need to see this right now?” Notice that word need. I could feel it in my gut, that desire to be known, to be respected, to be admired, to be loved. As I put down my phone, I challenged myself to go the length of the day without checking to see what others thought of my or how many others thought of me. There is no moral issue with Instagram, but I noticed in myself a pattern...

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Words from, Emily Dean

Hilary Hyland Photography

Styling, Margaret Dodson of, Fika Gatherings