Go, Go, Go

Anna  Clair Photography

Today the plan was to come back with a vengeance. Rest up on the weekend, come back full-steam ahead on Monday!

Well, that's not what happened. In fact, quite the opposite. Upon a bit of blood work and visiting my midwives we've found that I am less than "up to par" physically and not in the best way to be running around. (Nothing dire, but serious enough to make some physical changes.) If any of you know me personally you also know that I have a hard time keeping myself in one place. GO, GO, GO!!! A meeting in the morning, emails in the afternoon, coffee date, styling here and there, a call with a client, scheduling new bookings, on and on.  That's the norm.

Working on Verity Vareé is my heart's passion, one of my deepest joys, and today I was shocked to see how my poor body is reaping from the neglectful patterns I've set in order to complete the many tasks I demand of myself daily. And it got me thinking.

In this world of driven people, of Instagram to catalogue how your life is measuring up, of countless career choices, and endless opportunities, how do we prioritize? Is there balance? Are we investing properly in the things that are most dear and important to us?

I'm not assuming that any of you are as crazy as me. (Though, don't be discouraged if you are.) I am just recognizing that in a life we must make investments. Investments in our bodies to keep them healthy, strong, and able. Investments in our passions to keep them flourishing, inspiring, blessing others, and ever-growing.  Investments in our relationships to keep them strong and wholesome.

Today I took a broad look at my life and saw clear holes. Holes that needed filling. Holes like rest (as an expecting mama this has become a crucial need),times of introspection (for me that's journaling/writing), being well-fed (making meal times a necessity, not just a novelty), seeking encouragement from dear friends and loved ones (I often help others, but rarely accept help offered to me).

In your busy, busy lives, filled with endless amounts of who-knows-what I encourage you to take a few precious moments to examine your heart, your body, and your mind to see if you are properly attending your deepest needs. Have a cup of coffee or tea, a favorite snack, grab a journal, a piece of paper, your phone, and write down your needs/desires. Breathe deep, look at your to-do lists/calendar and ask yourself this question, "am I sowing diligently in the places I wish to reap?" Or, "Am I attending my greatest needs?"



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