Pregnant With Plans

Hello, dear friends!

I am writing to you today from my home office, in the most pregnant of states. Not only am I pregnant with our first baby, but I am also pregnant with thoughts, plans, and to-do lists that have gone long unattended! Through many family/health trials I have made the hard decision to slow production down a bit. You may have noticed a lack of Tweets, Insta updates, and Facebook statuses already. I want you to know that there is always work going on behind the scenes; however, recently that work has looked a lot more like journaling, eating well, and resting often, as me and my team have gone through several life changes at the same time.

Our photographers are all also in a state of transition, as are our stylists and makeup artists, so I've seen a bit of a life theme emerging, whether we like it or not! 

Soul searching and coffee mornings.

Soul searching and coffee mornings.

All this means is that Vv has not lost steam, become discouraged, or ran away with the circus. In fact, we are all more excited than ever to clarify our message, boost production, and pay close attention to quality in our upcoming shoots. Reveal releases will resume within the next two weeks as long as I can keep this bun in the oven a tad bit longer! Vv is also working hard to prep for our Fall/Winter season as the wind picks up and the leaves slowly change here in lovely Virginia. We've received many bookings for Fall, and we can not wait to meet you! 

In preparation for our little one's arrival Ethan (my husband) and I have not only taken great lengths to CLEAN our home, but we've also worked hard to clean and tweak some of the finer details of the Vv Reveal process. I am excited to implement our new methods as we pick up bookings for November and December. We will be taking all of October off, but will continue releasing Reveals through that month. Though we will not be on set shooting new Reveals, our team will no doubt be in the office here with me prepping for Christmas-inspired, Fall-follied, and all variety of Reveals. Cups of coffee and tea will be our strength as we trade ideas and find comfort indoors before we brave the chilly November month to start shooting! 

Planning, chatting, tea-drinking.

Planning, chatting, tea-drinking.

While running a company, learning how to be a wife, and carrying a baby all at the same time, I've been faced with my own personal weaknesses, preyed on my strengths, and learned the art of asking for help. Though the intention was never to be this personal with my platform here at Vv, I feel you've been shortchanged if I am not completely genuine in our communication. Letters have always been my favorite form of literature, so I hope this finds you in a lovely place today! 

In short, the thoughts I'd like to leave with you are these:

*Vv will be picking up with new Reveals, beautiful stories, and usual blog posts within the next two weeks.

*The message and truth about beauty is ever-clarified through my very own pursuit of that truth, and I am excited to share with you what I've learned and heard from you personally. You are ALWAYS invited to EMAIL ME directly with your thoughts and/or questions! It is so encouraging to hear directly from like-minded women, and constructive criticism is sincerely welcomed.

*The Vv team and I have been challenged with changes and trials that have forced us to learn the art of rest. As we enter the coziest months of the season I encourage you to rest when you need and indulge in the many glories of Autumn merry-making. Drink your coffee, light that candle, have a piece of pumpkin bread, hold the ones you love. Our lives can not be wrought with to-do lists to the point that we neglect the joys of life, even in the pursuit of our dreams. 



Emily Dean/CEO/Founder