Cozy Reflection & Team Breakfast

Just a few days ago in a moment of deep need I listened to that voice inside my head that seems so intricately concerned with the desires of my heart. "I want rest. A long breakfast, some good coffee, and a beautiful table would fill my soul and lift my spirits."


But, the work still had to be done. So, I called our stylist to see if she'd be up for a 7am "job" of decorating the kitchen table. Margaret Dodson pulled out her bag of tricks and gathered berries from the woods outside my house.

The team slowly trickled in and soon we had a breakfast of spinach, parmesan, manchego cheese quiche, thick cut bacon, sweet pumpkin bread, and strong coffee. We sat around the table laughing at nothing and talking about everything. 

I don't know what exactly my definition of "success" is yet, but I do know that in the midst of all this hard work we do to tell women's stories, to operate in genuine, authentic community, to create celebrations that share our heart, and pursue platforms to further our message we get tired.

We are all prone to weakness, to hurt feelings, to misunderstandings, and mis-representation of the kind of women we want to be. But, we are all still here, still telling stories, still working hard to operate in the kind of community we're telling you all about.

Somehow amidst our blunders and many trials we seem to have made an impact on the lives of others and in turn, our own, through embracing this message of true beauty. We have a tribe, a world-wide community of storytellers seeking diverse and unique ways to tell their individual stories. All over the world women are desperate to hear a new version of the "beauty mantra."

We are here today telling you that beauty is defined and refined through our personal stories. This seems to be catching like wildfire, igniting hearts across the globe. We get to be a tiny part of this movement for true beauty.... and for that I am thankful.

P h o t o g r a p h y + LaRue Photography

S t y l i n g + Margaret Dodson of Fika Gatherings