Thank You

We are working away, scribbling details and making calls for the Vv Fireside Fundraiser! We have so many exciting things coming for all in attendance and want to thank you in advance for your contribution to our company!

We can't do this without a tribe. Our friends, family, and new friends are the reason this works. It's because YOU care about true beauty that this company is thriving. Every woman who's done a Reveal, all the women behind the scenes (makeup artists, photographers, stylists, bakers, coordinators, editors, and more) , every reader who takes her time to read the true story of another woman, and all the people involved are participating in this sweet community because we believe in one common truth: You are beautiful.

All the articles we write, the events we do, and the PR we've had is there in order to flesh out this concept. It's not a "Disney princess," store-bought, culture-curated beauty we speak of. It's the beauty in a college student, in a 5-year-old, in a new mom, in a grandmother that is as unique and detailed as the stories we tell.

How my soul longs to sit down with every woman who wants, pour her a coffee, and listen to her heart. This company, this mission is bigger than the people involved and we know that too well. Thank YOU for striking truth, for igniting beauty, for telling your story in everything you do.

Are you close to VA? Click below because you're invited!