He Wasn't Joking

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I'm not sure how to start this... So, I'll do it poorly, that way you're not expecting anything, and I'm not pressured.

He came home smiling, I'd been sleeping after a long night of nursing and waking up with the little bear. I expected he was on his usual lunch break.

"Well, I was let go."

I thought he was kidding. If you've ever met my husband you know that he can be goofy, silly, and can laugh at almost anything. There was a punch line coming, I knew it...Nope.

"You think I'm joking."

My husband lost his job. Well, he didn't lose it, we know where it is and who took it, but the point is it's no longer his. He was a pretty good employee at an office that simply had to make a cut.

At that point I knew it wasn't a joke. "We can do this, babe. I love you." That was the first thing I said, the first thing I knew was true.

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It was all a tad bit shocking, but we made lunch like normal, talked like normal, then...wait that's not normal. He stayed home, didn't go back to work. It was odd, still is sometimes.

He's home with me, we are doing life together, side by side every day.

It's odd to make coffee in the morning and share it with him. It's strange to ask for help from my best friend in the middle of the day. It's scary to live month by month, job by job.

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This is the happiest I've ever seen him. This is the hardest working I've ever seen him. I'm typing through tears. Its terrifying and wonderful.

Hilary Lynn Photography

He lost his job and gained his freedom.

As a wife, I had two choices:

1. To fret and ask him to get a new job that would "secure" my financial state, and secure his day-to-day melancholy


2. Stand by him, work with him, and understand that this job-to-job is just as "secure" as going into an office. I mean, after all, he was let go from the last one...

We know where our security comes from.

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So, in this time we have learned many things, but I thought to share these in particular:

1. Our days are made sweeter and more focused when our heart's desires are met. This may look like me finishing the dishes and deciding I need to redecorate the mantel before I can answer that email, or Ethan takes a break to play his drums. We work more efficiently when we do this!

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2. Breakfasts in the morning are sacred, fueling our mind, body, and spirit. I've never been a breakfast person, but since he's home we've started every morning with a substantial, protein-packed meal, followed by a dialogue of our to-do lists for the day (becoming accountable as we speak), and a renewing of the mind through choice literature.

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3. Our little baby bear is not a distraction from the work that needs to be done, he IS the work to be done. We are to parent him as seriously as we work our jobs. That means play time is a serious, integral part of the day.

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These are just a few things we've learned. We never knew what joy could be had from getting fired until now. It's hard, harder in some ways, but it's good.

We are forced to work as a team and give one another breaks. I've never lived so integrated with another person. More to come.

-Emily Dean/CEO&Founder


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