Interview with Fika Gatherings

1. Hello, Margaret, Rebekah,  and Anna Clair! Tell us a little bit about you!

We are a team of three who style + plan + and photograph events! We are three different people with the same vision of what it means to create something beautiful that people admire; and we get to do it as our job! 


2. How did you come up with the name, “Fika?"

Anna Clair: “Well, we were sitting in coffee shop, and I have this vivid memory of Margaret saying, “Guys, we need a name!!”, I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a post I did. It was a picture of a spread in a magazine that was all about the meaning of the term Fika. I remember saying, “Okay, I know this is a weird word, but what about Fika?” It’s a Swedish term which essentially means to gather for coffee with friends, emphasis on the social aspect of it, with something sweet on the side.” 



3. What are your favorite elements of the event planning and photography business?

Margaret:“I love that very first conversation. To begin the process of creating something brand new, something we’ve never done before. Every event is unique, you can’t copy and paste that. We’re working to perfectly represent what each and every customer envisions. Looking over past events and working towards upcoming events is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. Watching our team of 3 grow and strengthen is one of the most valuable things I could ever have imagined to be apart of.”


Anna Clair: “Gosh that’s hard to say, because I just love so much of it! But I’d have to say that the ‘final hours’ of any event are the most exciting, rewarding, stressful, and crazy fun. There is something about the day of an event where we get to do what we do best. The hands-on part really. And then stepping back and seeing what you’ve accomplish. I hope we all never lose that excitement. Also, being able to work with and meet fellow creatives is always something we look forward to.”  


Bekah: “I have a few favorites! First off, the thrill of it all. Yes it’s stressful, but the end product is always worth it in one way or another. Second favorite, the visual. It’s so rewarding to look back on your work that has been captured in a photograph. It is a very gratifying feeling when the end result is all due to the fun process of people working well together to create something beautiful that you’re all proud of.”


4.  Can you tell us more about your vision for the company? What is your heart mission through your work?

Margaret: “Our mission is to bring communities together, to bring the art of gathering locally back into our day to day lives. To truly enjoy and cherish our time and conversation with people who are dear to us. Our goal is to connect with people, and to capture the beauty we see in others. To slow down and share your creative heart with a kindred spirit. I can easily say that all of us here at Fika Gatherings work best in spaces that we love. Being able to create that beautiful space for someone else is something worth pursuing.”

5. Have you had any exciting opportunities since you've launched? Tell us about the most exciting things that have happened so far!

Bekah: “We could really answer this question in so many ways, but I know what really sticks out for all of us was #fikabeachweek! It was such an inspiring and calming week. We didn’t start out this business venture in your typical ‘mission statement, business plan, and go from there’ way, so #fikabeachweek was really a time of dreaming and aspiring to live in a way that satisfied all of our creative cravings. Thinking back, it rather embodied the heart of Fika rather than the practical aspect of a business. Something we can definitely look back on in the future to prompt us to go back to the beginning. Back to what Fika really means to us. To inspire us to simply dream, work hard, and love what we do.” 

6. What are three things you can't live without? (To each of you individually.) 

Margaret: “My massive amount of pillows, good coffee, and a stylish outfit.“

Anna Clair: “Good people, good coffee, and good food.”

Bekah: “My phone (sad, but true), my planner (I must write it all out), and my coffee (this should be first).” 

7. What are your ambitions for the coming year? What big plans do you have?

Bekah: “Definitely to never stop learning from the people around you. That is something we all believe should be a core character of our business. Using our abilities in the growing of our brand and molding it into something that others enjoy, and that we are genuinely proud of. We want to take on more events this year and gain as much experience as we can. We’ve played around with many smaller things, and we are always open to new ideas and challenges when it comes to curating an event for someone! As far as ‘big plans’, we have a couple of things in the works. But basically growing the business, learning new skills and building relationships with the creatives that surround us comes first. These are the top priorities on our to-do list!” 


P h o t o g r a p h y + Anna Clair Photography