We are excited and honored to share our stories, our message, our blog posts anywhere we have the privilege!

Want to collaborate, or get in touch? Email us at: officialverityvaree@gmail.com

Here are a few of the places we've been able to share:

Emily Wierenga's Website

~Award winning journalist, artist, and author of five books.

Circles of Faith

Circles of Faith

~Inspiring writers from all over the internet gather here to encourage and share.

Crown of Beauty Magazine

~Online magazine for Real Girls. Real Beauty.

The Free Woman

~Bethany Jae's thriving company encouraging women to live "so lovely, so free."

C'est La Vie Magazine 

~ A magazine for Raw Life. Real Worship. Life, as it is.

The Wee Spoon Blog

~A Space for us to Gather

The Winchester Star

~Top Stories for Winchester, VA

Wonderfully Made Blog

~Allie Marie Smith is teaching young women to "Know Your Value."


Grace Table Blog

~"We like to think of GraceTable as a virtual soup kitchen, a 'free space' where hungry hearts and souls can find nourishment."