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 A Beautiful Mess - Emily Dean
"Am I beautiful?" Emily discusses this age-old question and shares her own story of striving, seeking truth, and discovering beauty in brokenness. Women desire to be beautiful, and not only is beauty to be found in our hearts, but every woman was given the gift of physical beauty. Join us as we examine the truth about beauty and how it is revealed through our individual stories.


Comparison For Celebration - Emily Dean

Comparison is no new phenomenon to any one of us. Emily discusses the importance of community and the unspoken lies in every comparison trap. The practical application of celebration over comparison is a tool used consistently in Verity Vareé's personal team, working wonders. Join us as we dive into some real life situations where we can challenge our thinking and inspire others to engage in a life changing way.


Emily has spoken to University, small groups, conferences, and more. She has written individual talks for chosen topics and is comfortable leading workshops, Q&A's, and round table discussion.

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Winsome Retreat April, 2018

Vv Desserts & Discussion May, 2018


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"Emily Dean is a wise, wise woman with a great deal of insight and wisdom to offer women of all ages. She speaks confidently and eloquently about beauty, unpacking the messages both culture and the church often offer women, and offering listeners a fresh understanding of why God created beauty and why He desires His daughters to embrace it. Emily's passion for God and for her subject truly radiate; listeners can't help but feel energized and renewed by her words and her presence." --Michelle DeRusha, author of Spiritual Misfit: A Memoir of Uneasy Faith and 50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Heroines of the Faith

"It was a gift to hear Emily speak. She is young, yet has lived a life that has quickly matured her and given her a depth and wisdom far beyond her years. I sat listening to her story, and was amazed by her ability to articulate exactly what my heart needed to hear. I looked around the room, at women of all ages, colors & walks of life, and they too were hanging on every word. Emily has an amazing message of beauty and value that we as women all need to hear."

--Amy Rathbun Bowman,  Pinterest sensation and owner of New Nostalgia