Verity Vareé Digital Issue


Verity Vareé Digital Issue


Welcome to Verity Vareé!

Our mission is to empower women with confidence, boldness, kindness, hospitality towards self and others.
We hope to create a community where stories are shared for the education, empowerment and refining of our character.
We aim for a mutual respect of differing paths and beliefs in an effort to understand each other better.
We aspire to create spaces to sit, to listen and to practice presence.
We desire the cultivation of beauty, the noticing of beauty and the challenging of beauty beyond pre-meditated standards.

Verity Vareé Issue No.1:  
A beautiful, full-color magazine featuring real stories from real women with articles on beauty, authentic living, and intentional celebration.

The magazine will include:  

  •  7 exclusive photoshoots from renowned photographers
  •  4 Reveals featuring 4 inspiring women 
  • Articles from passionate writers and makers
  • Printed on high-quality, silk-matte finished paper

Some Feature Articles Include:

  • Fashion with Glynis Arban, mother, fashion and celebrity photographer
  • Music with Tarriona Tank, of Tank and the Bangas
  • Hospitality with Bea Lubas, UK food blogger and hostess
  • Fashion with Leanne Marshall, Project Runway winner
  • Music with Holly Arrowsmith, New Zealand singer/songwriter
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