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  • We are accepting blog posts for all seasons and Holidays.
  • We are looking for pieces on hospitality, friendships, true beauty, authentic living, time management, biographical pieces, interviews, seasonal recipes, and DIYs.
  • If you have a piece that you think is fitting, but does not fall into one of the above categories, please send it in for review.
  • Pieces must be between 500-1,000 words long. If you have a piece a little over, or a little under please feel free to submit!
  • Check back for updates on upcoming issues and themes.
  • Verity Vareé seeks to uplift, empower, and embolden our readers.If your piece does not fit these core values we will not choose your writing for publication. 
  • All submissions are on a volunteer basis only. We are unable to compensate for any accepted submissions at this time. If you are selected to contribute to our print magazine, we will link back to your website in our digital version. If you are selected to contribute to our blog, we link back to your website and ask that you please submit your article for Verity Vareé use exclusively (i.e., no duplicate publications). We will not accept an article that has been published elsewhere, will be published by another host website, or print publication. We also include a short, personal bio at the end of the post.