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Dear Reader,

Verity Vareé is a company for women, by women. Our Reveal process and the articles posted here promote a message of truth about beauty through the stories and experiences of the women we interview, the writers we use, and the beautiful images we post. Our Events are an endeavor to bring the kind of authentic, welcoming community we believe in to life. Our Blog features writers with full hearts, captivating words of truth, and encouraging stories. Our Life Coaching is offered in order to spur others on toward the kind of lives they want to live; cultivating beauty, and chasing their goals with fervor and command. Our Speaker is sharing the message of Vv boldly and proudly wherever we are invited.

All of these facets of Verity Vareé have been created in an endeavor to "Live Verity Vareé." Verity means "truth." Vareé means "to strike." Our goal at Vv is to "strike truth" about beauty, womanhood, and authentic living.

~To Live Verity Vareé~

To understand beauty as is defined; "pleasing to the mind and senses."
To recognize beauty as all that is true. To retrain your eyes to see it clearly, as something to be cared for, sought after, and maintained. To cultivate beauty in your heart and your home. To sow beauty thick in the places you go.To consider in earnest what you once believed "ugly" and see if you can't find beauty as has been described. To dedicate yourself to a life lived in hard pursuit of all that is good, pure, lovely, and beautiful. To question what has been deemed "immature desire," looking earnestly at the heart that pines for this honorable pursuit of beauty.


Yes, you have value. You are beautiful. Let’s talk about it.


Welcome to Verity Vareé!


~Emily Varee Dean/CEO/Founder